A Toast To Friendsgiving!

This past Sunday, The Kentucky Gent and I spent 8 long hot hours in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of trouble while our trusty sidekick and talented photographer Danielle Martin of Ch.25 documented the entire escapade. There were vintage aprons a plenty, spices and butter galore. Talkin’ bout eggs? We had twenty. But who cares, no big deal. We wanna’ do this more!

(Excuse me while I brush my long red hair with my golden fork)

As you can tell by our week of posts a lot of love, blood, and The Kentucky Gent’s literal tears went in to these recipes. (Seriously, we had a meltdown during that intense apple peeling session. Someone please teach us to use a pairing knife without cutting off any appendages. Oh, Magical Thanksgiving-Fairy-Chef-Godmother {aka Martha Stewart} please send us apple pairing abilities in time for next years feast.)

While we cooked, peeled, baked, whisked, and mashed up a storm we also enjoyed something more magical than the Thanksgiving-Fairy-Chef-Godmother herself; we feasted in the joys of our friendship, which is even sweeter than The Kentucky Gent’s Fudge and even more heartwarming than my Momma’s Mashed Potatoes.

Once all dishes were prepared, the kitchen was cleaned and he table was set we sat down with new friends and old to celebrate the gift of Friendship. Our friends are the family we choose and this year I’m thankful that I’ve chosen a ‘friendamily’ that understands my obsessive need to style every aspect of my life. Even photos of eggs and butter.

We hope you enjoy this special time with those you love most!

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