Lazy Sundays: Grandma’s Chili

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Sunday has lately become my favorite day of the week. With a full 5 day work week and weekends full of photo shoots and creative projects, Sunday is typically my one respite from the hustle and bustle of life. On Sunday mornings we tune in to our local NPR station to listen to our favorite Sunday Jazz Segment while we clean up a weeks worth of messes, fold heaps of laundry, and lazily pull ourselves together. Come lunch time we take our time in the kitchen as we listen to our vintage vinyl collection and cook up one of our favorite recipes. Music and food are synonymous in our house. Flavor notes and musical notes collide in our kitchen, wafting through the air and tantalizing our senses.

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3 Simples Ways To Style Your Bar Cart For A Party

As the co-owner of The Southern Soirée, I have been fully drawn in to the bar cart craze. This trendy subject excites me for two reasons: 1.) It gives me an excuse to play with my fancy dishes [a la ‘grown up tea party’], and 2.) This is a huge nod to the mid century era, when hosting a small get together was all the rage and entertaining was an art form.

So with all the new bar carts popping up everywhere from Macy’s to Target, I thought I would share a few styling tips that can make a stylish impact on most any budget! Here are 3 simple (and cost effective) ways to style your bar cart for a party…

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