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Aside from the release of Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’, the most exciting thing to happen this month thus far is the launch of Modern Makers Media. My friend Josh of The Kentucky Gent and I met about a month ago to discuss the blogging world over chipotle grilled cheese and lemon souffle pancakes at a favorite local brunch spot of ours. Josh and I wanted to welcome Nicole, of Blue Bird The True Bird, to the Louisville blogging scene. As Josh poured his blogging knowledge in to our brains, I poured sparkly orange juice in to my belly. Thus began a beautiful founder-ship.

You see, I had recently quit my full time corporate retail job and was currently working as a freelancer (which often looks more like unemployment at certain seasons of the year) and Josh had just found himself in the same state of financial and creative limbo. So, brunch turned in to a long chat over coffee and Modern Makers Media was born. At a certain point in your life you’ve just gotta say, “Whats the worst that could happen?” and jump in head first!

As an entrepreneur, creative individual, freelancer and artist the worst that can happen is to try, and to fail. But wait… isn’t s that is also the BEST thing that can happen? One of the most renown design agencies in the nation has adopted the practice of raising a glass and toasting to their mistakes, failures and rejections. I say we do the same.

You see, to fail is to try. By simply trying, you have achieved so much more than 99% of the naysayers that surround you [disclaimer: this is not a proven statistic, but rather a hyper dramatic statement and should not be taken as a fact but rather a hyperbole].

I have failed many times, in extremely public and very disheartening manners. Every single time I’ve failed to accomplish my dreams, I’ve realized new dreams. I’ve found bigger dreams behind each failure. I’ve become a stronger person and I’ve learned to fight for what I believe in. I’ve learned to take ownership of my creative property and work towards a brighter future in the here and now. I’ve learned to follow my passions, interests and hunches into a corner and I’ve learned to dig my way out of that entrapment with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and McGyver style makeshift creativity. Through non-existant paychecks,  ramen noodle soup grocery budgets, vacationless summers, 7 day work weeks and 3am bedtimes I have plowed away at discovering the meaning of creative pursuit.

To all those who are questioning their gifts, talents, abilities, aptitude and qualifications I have three words:


As Einstein once said,

““The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

Photos: Josh Johnson of The Kentucky Gent


3 Simples Ways To Style Your Bar Cart For A Party

As the co-owner of The Southern Soirée, I have been fully drawn in to the bar cart craze. This trendy subject excites me for two reasons: 1.) It gives me an excuse to play with my fancy dishes [a la ‘grown up tea party’], and 2.) This is a huge nod to the mid century era, when hosting a small get together was all the rage and entertaining was an art form.

So with all the new bar carts popping up everywhere from Macy’s to Target, I thought I would share a few styling tips that can make a stylish impact on most any budget! Here are 3 simple (and cost effective) ways to style your bar cart for a party…

bar 1

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bar 2

V-dayshoot-162 copyV-dayshoot-154 copybar collageV-dayshoot-161 copybar 3

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