Wanna work with me? I love to collaborate, here’s a bit about what I do:

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Event & Wedding Design
  • Visual Displays & Merchandising
  • Food & Prop Styling
  • Commercial & Personal Fashion Styling
  • Interior Staging

I think it’s safe to say that I am a ‘Jane Of All Trades’…. but I master A TON! I have an eye for the lost and forgotten, and a love for all things dusty, old, and broken. I know the value  a good spit shine, and the power a little bit of elbow grease.  Not all that is gold at first glitters!

I tend to grab life by its gilded wings. I’ve got my head in the clouds, and my bare feet firmly rooted in this southern soil. Yes, this gals got a little bit of sass and a whole lotta’ gumption!

Long Story:

Since I was just a twiggy-legged crooked-banged tot, I have been engaged in a love affair with the world of vintage fashion. Longingly I would stare in to the beautiful monochromatic screen and wonder what that world must have looked like in color. Many an hour were spent in my grandmother’s bedroom drenched in her perfume, covered in her dazzling lipstick collection and swimming in her luxurious faux fur trenchcoats.  Somehow, I never really grew out of that ‘phase’. Before I knew it I was perusing yardsales and antique stores ogling all their pretty trinkets and treasures. Somewhere down the line my hoard began to grow and I became known as ‘the girl in the vintage scarf’ (yes, that was indeed a nod to the great ‘Rebecca Bloomwood’). By the time I hit highschool, vintage became cool, and I went from ‘eccentric’ to ‘hipster’ in no time flat; kind of like the overnight transformation of Miley Cyrus minus the twerking and general lack of all respect for society. I was a bonafide thrifting guru, and embraced my new found world of grimy old rotary phones and pilot grade aviators with open arms.

As this gal grew up, so did my taste, and now I hoard mostly brass figurines and dainty vintage tea sets for my vintage rentals company The Southern Soirée.

Short Story:

Stylist and social media junkie by day and blogger by night; I guess you could say I’m constantly ‘plugged in’. I now thrift, hoard, and abide just a hop, skip, and a jump from the infamous Derby City (Louisville, Kentucky) with my Justin Timberlake lookin’ hottie of a husband and our four canine and feline furr-children. Yes we do dress them all in matching sweaters for our Christmas cards. Ye who hath no crazy eccentric tendencies, please cast the first stone.

If you would like to collab, or just grab a coffee at one of Louisville’s insanely delicious local coffee shops please lay down your digits. I LOVE meeting new faces, and adore collaborating on creative projects!



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