Sock Hop


Often times I feel I’m living in the wrong era, but then I remember that I love living as an independent female free from the constraints of a pre millennial society. Although I love my independence, I sure do long for a time of Saturday night sock hops, drive-in’s and sweethearts sipping on the same milkshake (where the man paid for all of it)!

Really feelin’ the tunes?  Take a looksie at this playlist and ‘stroll’ on through the day.

50’s Sock Hop Playlist








Photos By: Danielle Martin of Ch.25

Tassel Sweater: Asos Similar Here, White Sweater: Similar Here and Here,

Skirt: Piperlime Similar Here, Socks: Hanes, Boots: Similar Here


#TBT: Self Deprecation and Bangin’ Style

Self-deprecation: the act of belittling, undervaluing, or disparaging oneself, or being excessively modest. It can be used in humor and tension release.

That very definition pretty much sums up my personality as a whole. I have learned that finding the ability to laugh at ones self is quite possibly the most freeing power to possess as an adult. In a study of Self-deprecation I give you “Exhibit A.”: my elementary school experience.

The Saga of Bad, Bad Bangs

3rd Grade: The Age of Innocence

tbt 3rd

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Varsity Blues


A couple of summers ago I visited a church yard-sale and came away with this vintage varsity jacket, a matching vintage varsity sweater, and an Incan rug boasting the figure of a caravan of pack llamas amongst the Peruvian mountains. When a very sweet middle aged woman saw me carrying out this jacket she shouted out with joy, explaining that it was her daughter’s and she had been on the Seneca Flag Team. Obviously, I already knew this. Next, this sweet woman excitedly snapped a photo of me on her iPhone and texted it to Lori, the former color guard champion of Seneca High.

Sadly, the matching sweater was stolen last year by either some teenage punks or a homeless man during a photo-shoot in the alley. As the sweater was unattended at the time of its disappearance, I like to think that it was the latter prospect. One day I fully expect to pass a homeless Seneca High fan in my red varsity sweater and I will beam with pride. Not for an alma mater but rather because I know Lori would be proud and that she’s probably out there somewhere reminiscing about the flag flying glory days of ol’ high school.

To create this look, I pulled the Piperlime sequined pants that I purchased as a part of my Cold Spring Capsule Collection. You can read more about my capsule collection here and here!






NewAlbany106Photos By: Danielle Martin of Ch.25

Varsity Jacket: (vintage) Similar Here or Here, Shirt: (vintage) Similar Here, Pants: Piperlime, Shoes: (last season) Similar Here or Here

NYFW: My Essentials

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.11.34 PM

In prepping for NYFW, I have to put a lot of thought into my wardrobe situation. Rather than paying to check a bag and risking losing it, which I dealt with this summer, I am going to try and cram my entire week’s worth of ensembles into my carry on. With the help of the packing gods and a few tricks, this just may be possible!

Rather than packing a heavy winter coat, I plan on wearing my fave leopard stunner on the plane and packing several thicker sweaters (seen here, and here) in my carry on. I recently purchased these boots in hopes to work them in to my Cold Spring Capsule Collection and wear them throughout my NYFW escapades. With a few other key pieces, I just might be able to bypass the bag check all together! Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.53.00 PM

#1. Ankle Boots

Seen previously here, I made sure to give these guys plenty of wear to work them in before the big NYFW trip. Blisters & freezing toesies are not on my essentials list!

#2. Cozy Scarf

I recently purchased this blanket scarf on post holiday sale at Target. It’s just as soft as it is pretty!

#3. Cross-body Bag

When traveling or doing a lot of commuting I always strip down my bag to the bare essentials to lighten the load. With subway and taxi rides across the city I’m trading in my Kate Spade for a smaller option.

#4. Leather Gloves

Most designers have caught on, but when investing in leather gloves make sure to check for tech screen friendly fingers. Have a pair that aren’t compatible? Not to fret, try this tutorial. It worked great for my vintage leather gloves!

#5. Thick Socks

There’s nothing worse than cold feet when traveling or commuting. Thick tights, leggings and socks will all help to make you feel ready to hit the town. You might even try making a style statement like these gals!

#6. Warm Coat

It’s no secret that I’m in love with my faux fur Leopard coat, but boy those look alike’s can be pricey. Try this economical option, or this one I just saw the other day!

Belle Of The Alley

BlogPhotos08I may be Southern, but ‘m not your typical Hollywood depicted ‘Belle’.

I wish I was a Silver Screen Belle. These one dimensional stereotypes are all but complicated. They wear seersucker and grow up to be nurses and housewives. They don’t wear bear suits as they walk through fast food drive-through lines. They don’t grow up to be writers slash photographers slash stylists slash entrepreneurs slash social media gurus. They don’t have to choose a trail to blaze, they just stroll on their well lit moss covered path. There are no signs reading “Beware Of Bears”, “Hazardous Waste Zone”, “Beware Of Falling Rocks”, or “What The H-e-double-hockey-sticks Are You Doing Here, Why Didn’t You Turn Around Ages Ago”.  They don’t have to worry about people questioning their authenticity and trustabilidity because they have degrees to prove that they really know what they’re doing. They marry their high school freshman sweethearts after 8 years of patiently waiting to finish high school and graduate with their four year practical and applicable college degrees. They make enough to move right out of their dorm rooms and in to the suburbs. They work in their careers for approximately 2 years before they give birth to their first child, usually a boy with a good solid Christian name like John or Matthew. Their husbands get raises, and they go on vacations to places full of  entire families wearing seersucker and gingham and plaid. They drink red wine with every meal, and they have well stocked and catalogued wet bars in their basements with well aged and very potent alcohol that they water down with consumption. They never get drunk, and they never raise their voice, unless rooting for their favorite NFL team.  They wear button up pajama sets with matching robes, and have monogrammed pillowcases. There are always fresh cut flowers in their dining room, and their dog never tinkles on their Persian rug. They wear designer watches, and they actually use them because they have important things to do like meeting people for dinner dates and picking up their wool suits from the dry cleaners.
 I wish I was a Southern female Hollywood stereotype, but I would die of boredom.
P.S. This look was created by mixing my Cold Spring Capsule Collection with my existing wardrobe. Read more about it here !

BlogPhotos13 BlogPhotos40 BlogPhotos22 BlogPhotos71 BlogPhotos96 BlogPhotos131

Photo By: Danielle Martin of Ch. 25

Dress: (Sold Out, Similar Here), Vest: Xhiliration, Faux Leather Leggings: Similar Here, Boots: Similar Here

In My Bag: NYFW

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 3.27.38 PM

Photo by Mark Iantoska for Refinery 29

So friends, cat’s out’a the bag… this will be my first trip to NYFW. Not only will this be my first (and my last for that matter) trip to the big tents at Lincoln Center, this will be my first ever trip to the Big Apple itself! Crazy right? How have I never been to NYC? I mean seriously, it’s about dang time! Well, I finally bit the bullet and cashed in  my frequent flier miles #becauseYOLO.

So as any inquisitive traveler would do, I turned to my former NYC dwelling BFF and several frequent visitors and compiled a list of my NYFW essentials. I’m prepping for a pretty frigid visit, right in the middle of cold and flu season, so the contents of my bag may look a bit like a skin obsessed germ-o-phobe’s but I have every intent of not catching the plague and keeping my hands silky and shakeable!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.52.28 PM

#1. Compact Mirror

Because lookin’ like I just ran 10 blocks isn’t so becoming, this gal may want to freshen up on the way to and fro.

#2. Business Card Holder

Since I love meeting new people, I’m constantly collaborating on creative projects and I go through a ton of business cards. Having a specific place to hold my business cards, as well as those of my cohorts, is a networking essential!

#3. Battery Pack

As a social media maven, I am constantly on my phone. I’ve heard horror stories of dashing across town to find a place to charge up. I for one would rather spend my time snapping photos of street style than imprisoned next to a coffee shop outlet.

#4. Headphones

Sometimes, we all just need to zone out. In the city that never sleeps this could be a little hard to accomplish. Music is my go to ‘me moment’. A little Louis Prima makes every scene more magical!

#5. Signature Scent

I feel about 100x better when I roll on this Illume Coconut Mango scent. I firmly believe this directly correlates with my confidence when meeting new people, plus my neighbor on the subway will be instantly transported to a tropical oasis.

#6. Hand Cream

I always carry a thick & creamy hand salve with me in my bag, NYC will be no exception. Living where the winters are harsh and dry, I absolutely swear by my Eufora’s Body Blends from Profile’s Salon.

#7. Hand Sanitizer

Again, I fully intend to stay happy and healthy while traipsing through the big apple. Bye bye subway germs!

#8. Matte Lipstick

I swear by my matte lipstick collection. Funny enough, this drugstore Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last $2 tube has become my favorite lipstick as of late. Highly pigmented poppy shades that last for hours, and come on that price is perfect!