NYFW, Grit & Glitter Takes Manhattan!


Well, I did it! I just booked our tickets for a week long NYFW trip with The Kentucky Gent. Cue every Broadway boasting NYC love song ever written, ever! We are headed to Manhattan for a weeks worth of subways, taxis, style spotting and street scenes. Pinch me, I must be dreaming!  Our tickets may be round tip, but I’m afraid we may want to cash them in for a one way flight and a metro pass…

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New York Fashion Week


Auld Lang Syne

holiday-party-looks-grit-and-glitter (44 of 44)Upon reflection, 2014 has held many peaks and valleys. When you hit your late 20’s it’s easy to feel the pressure to settle. Settle for a desk job you hate, settle down in your hometown, settle into debt, settle into a routine, settle into a life that is just comfortable enough that it doesn’t scare you. This year I’ve been fighting against that pressure to settle, and I’ve been fighting hard. It’s really tough to be a creative minded person. Your mind never stops. Even if you try to settle at that desk job, your mind is reeling with the possibilities that the world holds for you if you’d just break out of that cubicle. You have all sorts of ideas, but you wonder if they’re good ideas or just half brained rantings as the people in the break room stare at you with the same look of fear and bewilderment that you’ve been receiving since childhood.

This year I decided not to settle. Even if that meant I was going to lose everything I owned. Even if I had to move back into my parents basement, I was determined to stick with my guns and believe in my ideas and my creative pursuits. So here we are, a few days away from the end of the year and so much has come to pass. Although I’m not yet living in my parents basement, my husband and I have made a lot of big sacrifices to not settle. Life outside of the cubicle is tough but if I don’t own my ambition and creative thought, then who does?

Here’s to a year of grit, glitter and gumption!

holiday-party-looks-grit-and-glitter (39 of 44)

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Photos By: The Kentucky Gent

P.S. This entire ensemble came from the Target clearance section, chic can be cheap!

Cheers To Christmas!

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (9 of 18)

This year has been a challenging (yet rewarding) ride packed with late nights, early mornings, big laughs, come-to-jesus moments, dinner tables full of new friends and old, exhausting puppy-training, budget cutting, job hunting, business building and extreme gratitude at the love we are surrounded by.

As we exit this holiday season, let us toast (with our local favorite) to those moments that stretched us beyond our limits and left us stronger and full of hope and adventure. Cheers to Christmas Blessings!

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (10 of 18)

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (15 of 18)

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (16 of 18)

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (17 of 18)

P.S. if you don’t live in the Kentucky area and Ale-8-one is not available at your local grocery or convenient store, guess what… you can buy it online!

P.P.S. Check out these Ale-8-one recipes, yumm yumm!

The Scent O’ Pine

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There is one part of Christmas that breaks my heart, and that is the sad fact that we can not have a real live Christmas tree in our home. I’ve tried indoor trees. It goes down like this. First, cat smells the tree. Secondly cat climbs the tree. Thirdly cat begins to eat the prickly pine boughs of the tree. Fourthly cat dies in the tree. Fifthly, Christmas is ruined forever and always.

Alright, so that isn’t exactly what’s happened but I’m pretty sure that if our animal herd was given the chance, a Jonestown sized death by pine poisoning may just take place in our twinkling living room. These animals are truly drinking that “If I see it I will eat it’ kool-aide. No scent o’ pine for this gal, I’ll stick with my trusty Balsam + Cedar Illume Candles thank you very much!

P.S. Go shop these candles STAT, they’re 50% off!

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (14 of 18)christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (7 of 18)christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (6 of 18)christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (4 of 18)

christmas-tree-farm-grit-and-glitter-madewell (12 of 18)

Photos By: The Kentucky Gent

(Shirt: Vintage (similar here), Vest: Thrifted (similar here), Denim: Madewell, Shoes: Target (similar here)

Dad’s (Not So Secret) Chex-Mix Recipe

christmas-chex-mix-recipe-grit-and-glitter (5 of 13)

There are two types of food that my dad takes extreme pride, and copious amounts of time, in concocting. These two food groups include anything flung upon a scorching grill, and his Christmas Eve Chex-Mix. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember Christmas Eve’s by the old television watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and chowing down on dad’s warm chex-mix. As the smell of yummy Christmas’ past filled the cozy chex-mix scented air, my heart was full.

My entire family loves dad’s recipe. I mean I spend the night every Christmas Eve, just so that I can have the first bite straight out of the oven. Last year I was determined to re-create this Christmas magic in my own home so I asked my dad for his recipe, he handed me a Chex-Mix box and simply pointed to the side. My childhood was shattered, the Christmas Magic was gone. Dad’s (Not So Secret) Chex-Mix Recipe, however, lives on in our hearts and in our full yule bellies.

christmas-chex-mix-recipe-grit-and-glitter (12 of 13)

What You’ll Need

3cups Corn Chex™ cereal
3cups Rice Chex™ cereal
3cups Wheat Chex™ cereal
1cup mixed nuts
1cup bite-size pretzels
1cup garlic-flavor bite-size bagel chips or regular-size bagel chips, broken into 1-inch pieces (I obvi chose to omit these)
6tablespoons butter or margarine
2tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2teaspoons seasoned salt
3/4teaspoon garlic powder
1/2teaspoon onion powder

How To Make It:
1. In large microwavable bowl, mix cereals, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips; set aside. In small microwavable bowl, microwave butter uncovered on High about 40 seconds or until melted. Stir in seasonings. Pour over cereal mixture; stir until evenly coated.

2. Microwave uncovered on High 5 to 6 minutes, thoroughly stirring every 2 minutes. Spread on paper towels to cool. Store in airtight container.
Substitution: The original recipe includes Corn Chex™, Rice Chex™ and Wheat Chex™. You can mix and match to suit your taste—just use a total of 9 cups of cereal.
Healthy: To reduce the fat to 2 grams and the calories to 80 per serving, use 3 tablespoons margarine instead of the 6 tablespoons butter, omit mixed nuts and use fat-free bagel chips.
Presentation/Garnish: Make enough of this favorite mix to package up as gifts for special friends—it’s so good and always a welcome surprise!

christmas-chex-mix-recipe-grit-and-glitter (9 of 13)

christmas-chex-mix-recipe-grit-and-glitter (11 of 13)christmas-chex-mix-recipe-grit-and-glitter (6 of 13)

Holiday Party Look #3: Vintage Homecoming

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There’s nothing like being in your hometown for the Holidays. Banners are hung high above street signs, cedar boughs wrap around gleaming lamp-posts and sparking lights illuminate familiar shop fronts and street corners. Christmas carols are on repeat and the jingle jangle of sleigh bells ring through the air each time the door to a well known shop opens and closes behind you. Coffee shops are full of Holiday chatter and brunch spots are full of happy home-comers.

If you happen to be in the Louisville area for the Holidays, make sure to stop by Pink Door Boutique in The Highlands. Need a last minute gift, the perfect Holiday dress or an amazing vintage piece? Michelle at Pink Door has lovingly hand picked the best of the bunch to share with her happy shoppers.

P.S. If you head there soon you may be able to snag this skirt before it’s gone like a New York socialite on New Year’s.

holiday-party-looks-grit-and-glitter (25 of 44)

holiday-party-looks-grit-and-glitter (29 of 44)

holiday-party-looks-grit-and-glitter (27 of 44)

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Photos By: Andrew Dangler

Coat: Vintage (Similar Here), Sweater: Target (Similar Here), Skirt: The Pink Door Boutique (Buy It Here), Boots: Dress & Dwell (Similar Here), Beanie: Old Navy (Similar Here)

Magical Holiday Shopping

I have a confession to make, I love Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett’s recent record collaboration ‘Cheek 2 Cheek’. Their voices are like two magically fabulous larks in a lavish elvish forrest. Speaking of elves, I think H&M caught on to this vibe because their ‘Magical Holidays’ campaign with this fabby duo is maybe the cutest shopping commercial of the season. It has positively put me in the shopping spirit! Here are a few of my favorite looks that are most likely going to make their way in to my closet, with or without red velvet bows attached.

magical-holidays-h&m-grit-and-glitter (2 of 2)

magical-holidays-h&m-grit-and-glitter (1 of 2)

Shop these looks at H&M online or in store!