The Breakfast Club


Three students of life, all different stereotypes, meet for brunch, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Basically The Kentucky Gent, Ch.25 and I are The Breakfast Club.

Bound by a general distaste of a basic life, these three friends bond over weekly brunches and quickly begin to take the world by storm. One blog post at a time. MTV, we’re ready to sign that reality show deal. Have your people call our people.

The day before we met for our weekly brunch date, I stopped by The Salvation Army and found this amazing cream coat. I was all like, “Whoa, look at that $7 price tag!”. After snagging this coat for a steal, I got home and realized that I had finally found a place for my Great Aunt Marie’s heirloom gold and ivory rose pin. It now stares up lovingly from my collar, and I sometimes hear it say in Aunt Marie’s groveling voice, “Eat your macaroni and cheese, Adrian, or you won’t get to feed the alligators!”.

Also, on a side note Aunt Marie told me that if I caught a skink and made it bite my ear I could wear it as an earring. I’ve yet to catch one of those slippery lizards so I still don’t know if that was true.








josh-adrian_11-20147-1Coat: Vintage (Similar HERE), Jeans: Madewell, Socks: J Crew (Similar HERE), Beanie: The Dollar Tree (Similar HERE)

P.S. Yes, I got that beanie at The Dollar Tree while shopping for Christmas decor. Thou shalt not judge.

Photos: Danielle Martin of Ch.25



A Toast To Friendsgiving!

This past Sunday, The Kentucky Gent and I spent 8 long hot hours in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of trouble while our trusty sidekick and talented photographer Danielle Martin of Ch.25 documented the entire escapade. There were vintage aprons a plenty, spices and butter galore. Talkin’ bout eggs? We had twenty. But who cares, no big deal. We wanna’ do this more!

(Excuse me while I brush my long red hair with my golden fork)

As you can tell by our week of posts a lot of love, blood, and The Kentucky Gent’s literal tears went in to these recipes. (Seriously, we had a meltdown during that intense apple peeling session. Someone please teach us to use a pairing knife without cutting off any appendages. Oh, Magical Thanksgiving-Fairy-Chef-Godmother {aka Martha Stewart} please send us apple pairing abilities in time for next years feast.)

While we cooked, peeled, baked, whisked, and mashed up a storm we also enjoyed something more magical than the Thanksgiving-Fairy-Chef-Godmother herself; we feasted in the joys of our friendship, which is even sweeter than The Kentucky Gent’s Fudge and even more heartwarming than my Momma’s Mashed Potatoes.

Once all dishes were prepared, the kitchen was cleaned and he table was set we sat down with new friends and old to celebrate the gift of Friendship. Our friends are the family we choose and this year I’m thankful that I’ve chosen a ‘friendamily’ that understands my obsessive need to style every aspect of my life. Even photos of eggs and butter.

We hope you enjoy this special time with those you love most!

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Grandma’s Vegetarian Stuffing


It may come as a surprise to find that I am a vegetarian. I don’t shout it from the rooftop like most but I haven’t eaten meat since I was about 9 years old, save for a very dark moment when I was 16 and my boyfriend’s family created an entire ruse to convince me to eat an entire steak. I felt like I was living out the 96oz steak scene in The Great Outdoors. I’m surprised I didn’t drop dead right there in their dining room. I was scarred for life. Darkest moment of my life.

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Effie Trinket


In the hysteria that is The Hunger Games, I find myself drawn to the plight of Katniss. However, I can’t hep but think that deep within me lives an Effie Trinket. Proud in my ways, vain in my pursuits but at the heart lies a loyal and most benevolent friend.

I want to say that I would be the girl in the woods, fighting to hold her little world together; but I know that there is a part of me that loves the glimmer and verve of high society. I don’t think that a person is wrong for feeling at home among both a life of society and solitude. I long for the wide open spaces where the only sound that pierces through my window panes is that of crickets, birds and bullfrogs. To be at peace among the expanse of nature is my dream, but in the mean time city life has faired me well and I have found a home among the brick and bustle that is my neighborhood.



adrian-11-17-12Sweater: Forever 21 (similar HERE), Faux Leather Skirt: Nordstrom Rack (similar HERE), Shoes: Vera Wang (similar HERE), Earrings: Meijer (similar HERE)