3 Simples Ways To Style Your Bar Cart For A Party

As the co-owner of The Southern Soirée, I have been fully drawn in to the bar cart craze. This trendy subject excites me for two reasons: 1.) It gives me an excuse to play with my fancy dishes [a la ‘grown up tea party’], and 2.) This is a huge nod to the mid century era, when hosting a small get together was all the rage and entertaining was an art form.

So with all the new bar carts popping up everywhere from Macy’s to Target, I thought I would share a few styling tips that can make a stylish impact on most any budget! Here are 3 simple (and cost effective) ways to style your bar cart for a party…

bar 1

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bar 2

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Cupid’s Little Wish List

As Valentine’s Day approaches I can’t help but wish Cupid would take a shot at these oh so stylish (and cost effective) gift ideas. Alas I will probably receive mounds of chocolate in place of Lulu Frost and scented nail polish, but I ain’t complainin’! I will gladly accept all forms of candy, and maybe even grab a few of these lovelies for myself; because after all it is about love and what says L.O.V.E. like a self bought ‘wifey’ sweatshirt?

P.S. Honey if you read this, I really do like the kitten calendar you made me last year, but how cute are those Loly In The Sky flats? (wink, wink)

Cupids wish list

No 1: I NEED these arrows, I’m not 100% sure why exactly I need them (archery is not on my resume) but they would be such great conversational pieces arranged in a vintage vase next to my golden Statue David bust! ( Ahalife Arrows)

No 2: Although pet names freak me out and make me cringe and giggle, I am a ‘wifey’. This could be a segue in to the whole “We use pet names in public” thing. (Wifey Sweatshirt)

No 3: I am really in to using essential oils as of late and this scent sounds deliciously tantalizing. (Millefiore Vanilla Flower Fragrance)

No 4: A few days after watching ‘American Hustle’ I was flipping through a glossy style mag at the salon and literally burst out laughing when I saw an ad for Revlon’s new scented nail polish. All I gotta say is Jennifer Lawrence sold me on it; hook, line, and sinker. (Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel)

No 5: Lulu Frost tugs at my heart strings with every piece of vintage fabulous, gem encrusted, off beat item she creates. These numbered bracelets reeled me in like a bait and tackle. So pretty! (Lulu Frost Bracelet)

No 6: Loly In The Sky, I love you. I mean you just crawled right in to my dreams and plucked these gahhwgous flirty little flats straight from my vintage 60’s dream closet! (Giusy Loafers)

No 7: My love affair with brass continues, and this table’s arrow base detail reminds me of  Scalamandre’s Zebra pattern (which is in my humble opinion,  the sistine chapel of prints). I’m sold! (Arthur Glass Table)