What I’m Loving: The Shift Dress

shift 2

shift 4

shift 5


shift 11

I sometimes wonder if  I was born in the wrong era. I feel I have always longed to live in a world where fabrics were dyed brighter and velvet was a staple fashion statement. Case in point, my 3rd grade yearbook photo…


You may be surprised to find that this photo was not  taken in 1967, but rather 1997. You see, my love for post mod fashion began at the early age of 9. This may have something to do with the fact that for 2 years while my parents taught school in the remote valley region of  Jalisco, Mexico I had 2 options of television entertainment; Nick at Night, and Spanish ‘tele nova’ soap operas, both of which consisted predominately of piñata hued wardrobes and velvet floral clad fashions. While little girls in America were dreaming of being a spice girl, I was dreaming of being Jeanie. Let’s just say, by the time I returned stateside with 2 years of Vintage Television refinement, it was somewhat like the plot of ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘Blast From The Past’. I looked as if I had walked straight off of a Wes Anderson set, with the character development to match.

Alas, it seems I have never outgrown my childhood romance with mid century home design, and even more so Jeanies’s peppy shifting style. Now more than ever, I find myself deeply enthralled with these fashions. So what’s a gal to do but share some her favorites with her best blog reading pals?

shift dressNo 1:  Petite Crepe Tee Shift Dress ($86 at Topshop Found HERE)

No 2:  Boohoo Ciara Large Geo Monoscope Shift Dress ($30 at boohoo.com, currently SOLD OUT)

No 3:  Vince Silk Georgette Shift Dress ($160 at theoutnet.com, currently SOLD OUT)

No 4: Yellow Round Neckline Backsplit Shift Dress ($29.99 at ZLZ, found HERE)

No5:  Ivory Animal Collar Shift Dress (Now on sale for &29 at Dorothy Perkins, found HERE)

No 6: Tall Stripe Curve Hem Shift Dress ($92 at Topshop, found HERE)

No 7: Marianne Equin Dress ($87 Goldie for Topshop, currently SOLD OUT)


When Life Gives You Lemons

What’s a girl to do when she’s stuck out in the middle of God’s green country, locked out of the family farm house? How does one kill time in the country until help arrives? Take a tick filled stroll at high noon in the Ohio Valley humidity while dressed in all black, or hit the lone community thrift store? I’m thinking the latter.

When faced with this exact predicament I of course jumped on the ‘thrift or bust’ band wagon and hightailed down that country road to a secret little honey hole of vintage heaven, with my not so pleased brother in law in tow. This little spot in my in-laws hometown never disappoints, and I have a vintage leather drawstring Coach bag to prove this fact!

Since we were looking to kill major time here, I browsed every aisle instead of making the usual eagle eyed scouting mission. I found some bits and baubles and was none too overwhelmed until I hit the pajama aisle and stopped dead in my tracks. Right before me were the most glorious vintage silk citrus patterned pants that I had ever laid my eyes on. I snagged them lickety split and high tailed it to the dressing room. Voila, they fit and all I could see in my mind was this image…

citrus print

BAM! I was instantly working that thrift store dressing room like a model on a Stella McCartney catwalk!

My brother in law gave me the ‘really, you’re buying those face at the register and I quickly assured him that they were right on trend. And to think, all he saw was a pair of 80’s pajama pants.


They say you find the best thrifted treasures in the consignment stores of high end neighborhoods in big cities, but I tend to disagree!  If you are a vintage enthusiast like me, I find that the more suburban the location, the more tilled and picked-over your selection is and the higher the sticker tag (or shall we say sticker shock). I have found that, while it’s not always the case,  the more rural the thrift local the lower the prices tend to be and the bigger the selection of treasures ripe for the pickin’.

Do you think the quaint country ladies in their linen sundresses and straw hats are going to peruse their local thrift joint for the same dress they dropped off there in the 70’s, or that adorable pyrex mixing bowl to complete their hoard collection? I say, most likely they will be hitting up Wal-Mart or heading into town to browse the aisles of Dress-Barn and Sears. Also, little known fact, the smaller the city’s population the better your chances of finding ripe vintage pieces untouched by the hands of the local hipsters (because let’s face it, we hipsters flock to the cities).
















Photography: The Always Stylish Tabitha Prevett Photography

Wardrobe: Top from Target (similar here), Necklace Vintage/Thrifted (similar here) , Pants Vintage/Thrifted (similar fit here), Hat from General Eccentric (similar here), Bracelets from Dress & Dwell (found here), Shoes from New York & Co. (similar here)

Alas, I had to share my citrus thrift find. I hope you love them as much as I do, or if you don’t it really doesn’t matter because I love them enough for the both of us. When life gives you lemons, wear them!

The Mean Reds

the mean reds 2

couchEver get the mean reds? They’re a few notches up from the blues and and about 20 times harder to shake. They come out of nowhere, like a snowstorm in the middle of June. Like a Buckcherry song in a long line of smooth indie tunes. Like a speeding ticket on your Birthday. Like meeting your biggest style crush on your worst hair day. Like wearing the same dress to prom as your middle aged not so style savvy principal (speaking from experience on that one).

Why does it happen? Where do these mean reds come from? And what the heck will shake them?

Today I met the mean reds in a head on collision, and my wreck of a day was totaled. Chalk it up to happenstance.

Alas, there is no Tiffany’s in this fine Derby City at which I can have breakfast; nor for that matter do I have a claw foot sofa tub upon which I can mope my mean reds away. At least I didn’t turn my poor cat out in the rain, or my sweet ‘Fred Baby’ for that matter. Maybe I should try drinking some milk out of a champagne glass? Oh wait, I hate milk!

Ready for tomorrow’s sunshine & blue skies.

What I’m Loving: Katharine Hepburn


In my life there have always been 2 Hepburns; Audrey, and Katharine. These 2 women to me, more than almost any others, have embodied the effortless fashion of nonchalant elegance. Never fussy, never over-thought, but always poised and graceful. Oh how I have longed for that type of beauty, but alas grace has not been my leading attribute.

The beautiful thing about the lovely Ms. Katharine Hepburn is that she possessed, on top of her audience commanding good looks and graceful demeanor, the spitfire spirit of a red headed Irish farm girl. Her tit for tat zingers, and razor sharp wit have always been, above all, the endearing quality that most drew me towards her. I was raised by a spitfire red-headed mother whose knack for a razor sharp one liners was ingrained in my genetic make-up. Somewhere deep inside of me lives a little red headed Ms. Hepburn quoting poetry and prose while riding around on a california longboard.

In honor of the illustrious Katharine Hepburn, here are 3 very inspiring sides of her effervescent personality. You probably would have found these lovely looks if you browsed her modern day closet. Here’s to dreaming of the stars and channeling your inner spitfire vixen.

katharine 13

the girl next door

katharine 6

the tomboy

katharine 3

the siren